Monday, 17 October 2011

♥ Purple

While you read this I am away to Hong Kong/Thailand and shopping like crazy!! Although I am missing my blog and do find myself thinking about it! 

Anywho, dont think I've mentioned before that purple is my favourite colour. My room is purple, half my clothes tend to be purple or shades of it, got violet sandals, my towel is lavender, I can go on and on (yes I am also working towards making my blog purple). But I waited a really long time for a purple mani as I wanted it to be just perfect!!! So here is my puurfect purple mani:

Base: A Grape fit
Stamping polish: Sally Hansen insta-dri Pronto Purple
Image plate: BM 201

The ring is a part of my Canadian Haul that my parents got for me, it sooo pretty I couldn't resist showing it.
Whats your favourite colour?


  1. Hope you are having fun on vacation! Love the manicure! Your stamping is perfect!

  2. Pretty neat!
    I have no one favourite colour. Or at least none that comes to mind right away.
    But I love colours in general and specially in my polishes.

  3. Beautiful design. The ring is gorgeous

  4. Its damn good........Looks classy!!!

  5. just toooo pretty !!! i love it :)

  6. i love duotone mani's! this is really pretty =)

  7. woa..!! This is the neatest nail art I have seen !

  8. oo wooww i loved ur mani :D and ur ring is sooo sexy :D

  9. This ones a special one since purple is my favourite colour too.....


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