Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Laced Pink Pop

Hi All,
M back with a new post. Have been thinking how often should I be posting? As of now I post once a week. Its not easy to manage a full time job and a blog. Even if I paint my nails twice a week, I feel lazy to edit and upload pictures withing the same day or two. So I am now practically sitting on atleast 7 or 8 potential posts. Do you do the same?
 Anywho, I'd been wanting to do a girly manicure and couldn't think of anything other than pink and this delicate design from M71.

Base: Miss Claire 062
Stamping plate: Konad M71
Stamping colour: Konad Black

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  1. Really pretty! :) Loved the bow!

  2. such a pretty shade :) i loved it Kejal :)

  3. You've got real pretty nails!
    You've got a real nice blog here sweets.
    btw if you get time do check out my MAC lipstick giveaway.
    Happy blogging!!

  4. I like the design and the pink is really pretty

  5. This is lovely Kejal. Did you get the goodies from your parents yet and did I prove to be of *ANY* help? lol

  6. This is super pretty...the detailing print is so gorgeous..

  7. OMG! So great! Seriously, you nailed this manicure!

  8. These look beautiful, great stamping job! Post when you can and as you want, trying to keep a schedule will just make you nuts... and this stuff should all be fun anyway! The internet will always be here :D

  9. beautiful designs!

    i followed! xx


  10. The ribbon looks adorable. ;)

  11. cute, cute, cute! love the combination, I follow you!


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