Monday, 31 October 2011

I wanna be Blue! No, I wanna be Lavender!

I am still on vacation will return tomorrow, so this post is also scheduled.

This one is again a part of my Canadian Haul.
When I made my parents go hunting for nail polish in Canada, I frantically calling them everyday to ask if they got my holographic nail polishes and they would say "Nope".
One day they called me up excited in the middle of my night (their day) to say they got "sun-o-graphic" polishes. So next day I wake up and go gaga all over google to figure what they got me, alas I couldnt find it. This is what they meant by "sun-o-graphic" just to get back at me for making them go crazy about searching holographic ones. (LOL!) Presenting:
DEL SOL polishes.
These change colours when you go out in sun and living in India I have more than my share of sun.
This one is a light baby blue colour and it quite sheer. I made 3 coats on the pics below. And of course I couldn't leave it alone, had to stamp it.

Base: Del Sol Superhero
Stamping Polish: Konad Black
Stamping Plate: BM 215

There is a label on the top of the bottle to indicate the colour it will change to.

These are 3 free.

In Sunlight: The colour changes to a sweet lavender

How did you like this? 
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  1. ooooo that's a pretty color shift! I should've bought this color instead ;)

  2. nice metallic shade and as usual u carry them so beautifully :)

  3. ooo..thats so like..

  4. this is so cool! i never knew anything like this even existed!

  5. i liked the lavender color kejal :D

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  7. from where do u get these nail paints... liked both the colors...

  8. a wonderful journey Read more about the people who love to travel. Of course, thank you.

    Savan vegas


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