Friday, 28 June 2019

Cupcake Apple-y Ever After

Been hunting for a red linear holo polish for a looong looong time (in peppa pig's accent; thats what you get when kiddo is hooked to peppa all day). Anyways I got a couple of red holos by now. You see I tend to go overboard with one lemming incase I dont find it again. Next on my list is a linear holo orange.
Base: Cupcake Polish Apple-y ever after
Stamping Plate: ZZ Abstractos 2 (from MDU)
Stamping Polish: MDU white

I need to add that though I did buy a bunch of plates from MDU I am not happy with the quality at all. They dont transfer well and when you rub off polish in between stamping the cotton seems to get stuck in tiny corners of the design. This is based on using a couple of plates now. so read a few reviews before you buy some (or more if you are trying to economise shipping costs like me)

Here's a swatch of CC Apple-y Ever After on it own. Gorgeous isnt it?


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