Saturday, 22 June 2019

Born Pretty Rainbow Handle Holo Stamper

Hello Hello -wello! 
I love all things shiny and holo-ey! And when BPS came out with this stamper I had to have it in my collection. So I called for it as soon as I could. The stamper is available of the BPS site (#45934; link

The stamper body has a nice tapered cylindrical body which is easy to hold. The stamper head is medium soft. Not too squishy. It comes with option to have clear head or holo head. I choose the head with holo flakies in it. These flakies however do not bother the function of a transparent stamper; though one might have slight difficulty if trying to do layered stamping. Stamper retails for $2.99 and is a reasonable buy at this price.

As you can see below the image pick up is very sharp and crisp. 

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