Tuesday, 25 June 2019

BPS Gel stamping Polish - Waning Moon

I used to never do gel polish as I mostly need to change my polish every 2-3 days. But when I am travelling that doesnt work. I dont like to end up lugging around all my nail stuff plus mostly you dont get the time to sit and do manis. Thats when I got interested in gels and since then have gathered quite some gel stuff. Earlier I have done manis with normal stamping polish on gel but I was quite interested when I saw gel stamping polishes. I finally got around to trying one and its quite nice. 

Base: BPS 1 step gel 6051 (item # 40881-6051)
Stamping Polish: BP-GS03 Waning Moon (#45881)
Stamping plate: Nicole Diary Overprint plate L-03 (#46228)

The stamping polish is in shade Waning Moon. Its a very light gold and stamps really well. Pickup is much better than a regular stamping polish 😲
It comes sealed in a small round box priced at $2.59 after discount (link) and they have many colour options to choose from. I am really impressed how well they stamp as these are gel they do not dry off immediately like normal polish and so pick up is really good. If you do gel nails I'd definitely recommend using these instead of normal stamping polish. 

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