Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Indian Brocade Nail Art

Recently a few plates have caught my eye again after a dull lull in the nail art world. One of them was this Nicole Diary L-03 from the born pretty store. The main draw is layered stamping or over print as they call it. I love stamping the most and the idea of getting a few colours to go in together and come out like a print is exciting to see. You can find this plate on the born pretty store here (link) and it retails for $2.99 after discount. You can also search for it by item no. 46228.

Base: Nugel Candy Apple
Stamping Plate: Nicole Diary L03 (#46228)
Stamping Polish: M-Polish 

I tried to recreate a design like that seen on silk Indian brocade print. Usually such brocade sarees are worn during wedding seasons. They look really beautiful.

Base used is from Nugel called Candy Apple. Slightly sheer even after 2 coats as you can see the nail line yet. The formula was like jelly but not as sheer. I guess another coat would have covered it full. Dried to touch in 10 mins. And took another 10 mins to get fully dried. The formula is self levelling and easy to apply. So far most of the polishes I've tried have a nice formula. 

(Polish and Plate sent for review)

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