Monday, 20 May 2019

Born Pretty 1 step Gel Polish

I had chosen a few 1-step gel polishes from Born Pretty Store for review as I was very intrigued to try them. I usually do gel manis when I travel or if there's a wedding with closer ties wherein I need to attend a few functions over the course of 2 weeks. And I get bored to doing gel base-cure-colour coat-cure-another coat-cure- nail art-top coat-cure. 😅 so was really keen to try these.
these are available on the site here (link) and you can also search for item no. 40881. They retail for $3.29 (after discount; original $3.99) for 5ml of gel polish. There are almost 40 shades available under this item. Some have shimmers and glitters as well. The shade I am reviewing here today is 6007. Its a cute blue-toned pink. Goes smooth. Took 2 coats for this. Needs only 30 secs to cure under led light. and doesnt need any base coat or top coat. 

Base: BPS 1-step Gel Polish 6007
Stamping Plate: BM + Lucy's stash BM XL 209
Stamping Polish: MDU black

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