Monday, 14 August 2017

Mandala Nail Art with stamping decals

After I long time I sat down and did a full advanced decal mani that I had been wanting to do since I got this cute mandala plate BP-L52 (#36310 ; link)

Base: Chambor Gel effect nail lacquer (white 510)
Stamping plate: BP L-052 (#36310 from born pretty store)
Stamping polish: MDU 2 (black)
Decal filled with Chg: glow with the flow, treble maker, daisy know my name?
All topped with hkgirl

Here's how the decal looked before I put it on my nails.This chambor polish in white makes a very good base for decals as it doesnt dry crisp and it was very easy to take the decal off the stamping mat as it stretched and bent without tearing off. Definitely a must have polish if u love making decals.

Now moving on to the stamping plate. I got this plate from Born pretty store and I had been saving it to make decals when I have enough time to make a full decal mani, not just accent. This plate is very versatile and it has hollow designs which are very good for making decals. The designs are comfortable to fill in decals and not too tiny. The etching was perfect and I could pick up crisp designs. You can also make circular gradient and use these mandala designs to stamp normally for an eye catching manicure.
This plate retails for $2.59 and is very reasonable at this price (link to this product).

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