Saturday, 12 August 2017

Floral Mermaid Nail Art using Born Pretty plate 110

Still cant get over this mermaid nail pigment as you can see!
I did a bit of nail art to just give it a fresh look after a couple of days. Something bold but not filling.

Base: DL glitter base in white
Coated with BPS neon unicorn mirror powder.
Topped with EZ dip water based top coat
Stamping with M-polish dancing in the streets
Stamping plate: BP 110 (#33743 link)

This plate is a small 55mm dia round plate from BPS collection. Its a neat floral design plate with designs strewn apart each other to clearly allow to see the base polish. The overall design of the plate is very nice and versatile to even allow to make decals. 
As of now this plate retails for $1.59 which is really reasonable. The etching is nice and I had no trouble in pick up. But while cleaning off the polish from the plate the polish was getting a bit stuck in the tiny corners of some designs so I had to wipe off a bit more throughly. Overall I like this plate much and definitely look forward to making some decals with his plate next.
You can use my code ARTX31 on the bps site to get a 10% discount.

PS. Plate sent for honest review

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