Thursday, 10 August 2017

Born Pretty Unicorn Mirror Powder

On my nails today is one of the cutest look ever! I had been wanting to try out this for the longest time; ever since I saw a mani of stick-on nails on the internet in this beautiful mirror-pearl finish. I was quite certain they were stick-ons and I didnt want stick ons so I thought maybe there will come a duochrome polish but it didnt. Instead there came something even better! Its called

BORN PRETTY Neon Unicorn Mirror Powder Ultra-thin Nail Art Mermaid Chrome Pigment Powder (link)

Base: Dance Legend Glitter Base in White
Born Pretty Neon Unicorn Powder (#40320)
Topped with Ezdip water based top coat and sealer

Over white base

The powder quality is very good and fine. It instantly gives the duochrome mirror effect.
You dont need to rub in much nor will you get any bald spots. The shine effect is very visible and eye catching. You can see the whole range of purple-pink-green-blue on white and yellow-green-blue spectrum over a black base. 
This powder can be used even without gel polish if you have water based polish and top coat.
I like to keep changing my mani ofter so I used it over a white peel off base from DL and topped it with water based top coat from Ez dip. 
The powder retails for $2.99 for 0.2gm (link) and 0.2 gms might look less but its enough to do all 10 nails twice over. I am totally swooning over how this powder looks over different bases. 

PS. Powder sent for an honest review


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  2. Love all effects of this shade of nail paint..
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