Tuesday, 22 August 2017

DuoChrome Mirror Nails using BornPretty Chameleon Pigment

I dont know if its just me or are more of you totally in love with the duochrome mirror finish pigments that have popped up in the nail art world. Believe me guys these are so much better than anything you've seen last year. Dont believe me? Have a look:

Base: DL glitter base Black
Pigment: BPS Top grade chameleon Glitter pigment in shade BRB20 (link) item #38616
Top coat: Oceans Beauty Top Pure (water based tc)

My thoughts on the pigment: The quality is superb! 
The pigment is super fine, opaque, no bald spots and no need to rub in much or anything. The shine and mirror like finish is incredible. I have take pics which reflected clouds and the whole building from across my house with nice detailing. The colour shift is simply very obvious and pleasant. You dont need to twist your hand at funny angles or squint. Its just there. I cant wait to try more of these pigments. You can use them with gel and water based polishes both. Since I frequently like to change my polish I used a peel off black base. I have also swatched this with a white base. The difference in is that the mirror effect goes a bit mild but the pink/purple colour in the transition shift was more visible. This pigment retails for $4.29 for 0.5gm which is very nicely priced as compared to other good quality pigments in the market. (link)

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