Friday, 16 November 2012

Striping Tape Nail Art

Hello! Good Morning!
I've had fun these past couple of days enjoying the festivities and binging on the food!!

After going the blingy way I decided it was time to play with something spunky!

Zig-Zag Striping tape comes to my rescue.
Base is Loreal's Midnight Mistress from the new range.
See another mani using this shade here.

I wanted to go for a simple clean look and this did it for me.

Do you like doing manis with striping tapes? Its fun and super easy!!


  1. This is so simple and chic! Totally love it!

  2. Pretty! I fall for simple without fail. :)

    I was wondering how many similar blues there are with midnight something as their name. No? :D

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  4. Replies
    1. you'll get it on Born pretty or KKCenter or you can also try ebay

  5. This is beautiful striping tape! So elegant.

    1. thanks much Katherine! Ur comments are always appreciated!

  6. I didn't knew that these kind of printed stripes exist! This is a very simple yet elegant manicure! Beautiful one, wish you a great weekend!


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