Monday, 19 November 2012

Black White and Glitter Nails

Whats not to like?
Classic Black and White? Check!
Glitter? Check!
Nail Art? Check!

I neeeeeed more Glitter polishes!! More More More!!

Base: Colorbar Exclusive 37 (white)
Glitter on accent: WnW Party of Five
Stamping Plate: Konad M85 from my Violetbag Haul.
I like this design from Konad..abstract and it allows to show the base non flowery.
I just think we dont need any more flowery nail plate designs..there are waaaay too much of those.

This is accent looked sooo pretty in real! It looks like the top coat smeared a bit in this macro..but I couldnt really see that in real.

Have a good start to this week!!!


  1. I really like the stamp design. And yeah non flowery!!
    Definitely more glitters we need. All kinds of glitters.

  2. Lovely...and I absolutely agree wid u for d non flowery stuff !!

  3. It's a lovely combo you've made.

  4. Its so pretty..:) amazing black and white design.

  5. u r sooo gud wid stamoing.. i jus love ur work i wish i could do the same :(

    1. Sheetal..just practise a bit! thats all it takes.. chk my stamping tutorial if thats of any help :)

  6. very very pretty.... now i want to do black n white nails too :)

  7. Very nice combination, love the stamping pattern! And as you said, what not to like? Beautiful one!
    Can you please vote for me (No.2 Manases Andrea), I participated to a Halloween nail art contest and if your lucky you can win too from Born Pretty Store!

  8. This is very cute & very different.

  9. Very pretty the stamped design...:)


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