Monday, 26 November 2012

Majestic Baroque Print Nail Art

One of my recent favorite combos this is!!

its an unbranded duo-chrome polish I found on one of my trips.
Shimmery metallic kinda finish. Layered over black.

Stamping Colour Gosh Metallic Purple. Stamps like a dream.
Stamping Plate BM 314
You know I really cant get enough of these baroque/victorian design stamping plates.
I wish someone made more of these with delicate/bold and all sorts of prints.

Doesnt the base colour look gorgeous in this pic with pink/red sparkle?


  1. Yeah! beautiful base color!!
    Pretty mani!love how the colors look together.

  2. I love the barok print and indeed, the colors look great together.

  3. Beautiful...also the base

  4. Amazing design...and the base colour is gorgeous!!! What a find!

  5. Wow. This combination is AMAZING!!


  6. Hi! Con you help ? i can't seems to find this plate (bm314)everywhere.. where did you buy it?
    can you send me the link?
    thank you1!

    1. Chk amazon or bundlemonster website. This plate comes in a set and is not available separately unless u get someone willing to give u a single plate or swap one

  7. AMAZING!!


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