Thursday, 9 August 2012

How to Remove Glitter Polish Easily..No not using Foil Claws!


Last post here, I said I discovered a way to use glitter polish without killing your cuticles in the removal process. I got quite a few curious people asking me about it and here's how:

Step 1: I have applied Nail appliques on my nails. Now I understand everyone doesnt apply nail appliques or use them often. But I suspect that even full nail stickers or full nail water decals will work equally well. This pic below is one where I have worn nail appliques for a 2 or 3 days. U can see the tips have worn off.
Incase u dont manage to lay your hands on Nail Appliques, Nail stickers or water decals are available at Born Pretty for resonably cheap price.
If u are not using nail appliques and if u use full nail stickers or decals I suggest u dont wait to wear that off. Just use them maybe when they are a day old, not very worn off.
Now apply your base polish for the glitter polish, preferably something that completely covers the nail appliques/sticker in one coat. I have used the sandy matt polish in blue.

Now apply the glitter polish as you like fully loaded or sparsely. Make sure you apply a couple of coats of top coat so that the glitter is smooth and set.
Did you feel that I had appliques under my glitter polish in the last post
It doesnt show and it didnt feel any different to me that I had multiple layers on my nails.

Now for the removal:
Since you have a base of nail appliques/stickers, there will be a clear edge at the side of your nails.
(this pic is 3 days after applying glitter you can see the tip has worn off).

Now use an orange stick or your nail and lift up the applique/sticker. Dont rip it off..just slowly lift the whole piece trying to lift it in a liner uniform manner from base to tip. or one side to the other.

See how it clearly lifts off without any stain or use of acetone :D
Do note: there is no use of force or pulling on nails when I do this.
This applique has stayed on my nails for almost 6 days. If you feel ur applique/sticker/decal is still very much firmly stuck on..just diped ur hands in warm water for a few minutes and try this. The applique/sticker has a base of glue and will peel of real easy. Wont damage ur nails.

Yes! I am baring my nails for the love of mine and ur cuticles!! As you see the only bits stuck are where the appliques had worn off and glue-y sticky remains of the base of the applique remain. This can be easily washed off with normal soap and water. Maybe just rub on your nails with soapy fingers a bit and wipe off with cloth/napkin.

And Ta-daaaa!!!  Because I've applied top coat, the applique and glitter polish has got set like a single piece. And made it easy to pull off.

A couple of points: 
  1. You may think that appliques may not look natural on your nails or may end up looking like artificial/acrylic nails on your hands. Not true! No No! Appliques fit perfectly on your nail and do not rise above your cuticle. 
  2. Nail Stickers crinkle up or become wrinkly? No problem. Since they dont need to be seen, they can become whatever they want. Just make sure the base polish you apply covers it up and glitter polish will go on smooth.
  3. Dont forget top coat. A top coat will harden the glitter polish and help it set with the nail applique/sticker. Will also make it easier to remove.
How do you like this idea!!?? I'd love to hear ur views on this!!
Let me know your comments or questions if u got any?

I'd prefer this method anyday over the foil claw method and save my cuticles.


  1. Woo hoo I just had a Eureka moment! Kejal this is a priceless tip, especially for busy gals like me, I steer clear of glitter polishes coz its a pain to remove them and I always thought appliqué wud look unnatural but u've really opened up the world of glitter polishes to me! Thanks a ton for sharing!!

  2. ROFL!
    Only you could come up with something so nifty KJ!

  3. So I have another idea. Since, you were able to take the whole applique in one single piece, maybe you can re-use it :D

  4. OMG I do exactly the same :D...but I don't require any nail stickers, a creamy base polish and a top coat does the job :D

    1. how does the polish just come off? but it'll chip un-uniformly right?

  5. What a brilliant idea! I'll definitely try it someday! Thanks a lot for the tip! :-)

  6. I have been awed of appliques just because of the difficult removal process. You just turned into my nail saviour!

  7. Is it weird this is how I remove my glitter polish without the appliques? D: Maybe I just layer the polish too thick. ;) But brilliant Kejal!

    1. noo..Dont do that. U r probably force-peeling it. it'll damage ur nails

  8. Ooh! Perfect!!! Genius genius Kej...

  9. nice tip Kej ... ll try it :)

  10. Actually, this is how I already remove my glitter nail polish - I just peel it off. But I feel like somehow it also seems to leave my nails a bit more brittle - like it also peels off a thin top layer. Maybe I'm mistaken... :P

    1. when u jus peel polish probabaly peels a tiny layer off ur nails which is why they go brittle
      when you peel of with a sticker ideally doesnt/shouldnt harm ur nail.

  11. Excellent idea and gonna try this.. Pictures are nice and thanks for sharing.

  12. Pretty sneaky! Wouldn't have guessed you had these on in your earlier post. ;)

  13. wow. totally couldn't tell there was another layer under your glitter nails~
    I like this idea.


  14. Hey! I liked this idea..shall it try out!

  15. Cool! This is as good as my peel-off polishes :) Now, that's what I call being creative!

    1. yeah yeah..I wanna see if this works on those polishes..lemme know

  16. Awesome idea . . . But I don't use Nail appliques . . . May be I shld try them.

  17. Very helpful TY V M !!
    My thought to add is...appliques and stickers can be pricey for a small budget; so check out the sale or nooot quite so pretty ones that go cheap to use underneath.Save the pretty ones for showing.
    I have been a long time user of stickers and decals and also steered clear of glitters
    due to they can cut the layers of your nail when you scruuuuubb them off.
    Now; a whole new realm of shine and sparkle is open to meee!!! LOL

    from sunny(sparkely) south ALABAMA/cheekyDM60 TY!!


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