Thursday, 10 May 2012

Chained Nails: Viviana Blinding Splash+ Stamping


I have been searching for a really nice yellow nail polish.
Summer just doesnt feel complete without a couple of bright yellows.
I got a yellow polish, now I need a yellow dress and a couple of yellow accessories. Ofcourse I m not wearing all together. :p
The Yellow nps I am reviewing today is by an Indian brand called Viviana.
Viviana Nail Lacquers are DBP free and toluene free. They are priced at Rs.129/- (approx $2.5) for 8ml

My NOTD with Blinding Splash:

Base: Viviana Blinding Splash Nail Lacquer
Stamping Plate: XL D
Stamping Colour: Konad Black

The company claims: 
Viviana Nail Lacquer provides a long lasting extra gloss finish. The special formula, ensures a perfect adherence along with constant viscosity and an incredible smoothness. It is Toluene and D.B.P. free and is water resistant.  

Application: 2 coats were quite uneven and streaky. The polish takes long time to dry and I had to take out the whole thing and re-apply as I managed to dent it after 30 mins of drying time. The brush is thin and doesnt help application of the runny polish.

What you see below is my 2nd attempt with really careful 3 coats. As you can see tiny marks on the NOTD which are pillow/bedsheet marks that happened over night even after drying each coat carefully.

Shade: I loved this yellow shade, perfect for a summery afternoon outing. While I loved the shade, the application/dry time leaves a lot to be desired.

Swatch of Blinding Splash

Image of Stamp: XL D

Verdict: While I loved the shade, I wasnt too happy with the uneven application and long dry time. 

Have you tried any Viviana polish?

Disclaimer: This polish was sent to me for review.


  1. Color is gorgeous....but long dry time sucks.

  2. This is so your stamping plate.....:)

  3. color is so pretty but the brush size is so small.. i can image u may have hard time applying it to on ur nails :(...can some one suggest a dupe

    1. Dimpal Lakme has a very bright yellow in the f&f range,,but I havent chkd it yet

    2. Lakme Color Crush 05 looks similar, you can try that!

  4. OMG..It looks so it..
    thanks for visiting my blog.. :)

  5. thats so cute and lovely..:0

  6. I love this mani! The chain stamp is amazing! That sucks about the long drying time though.

  7. Gorgeous Kej!! So Transformers-ey!! Lowe it !! :)

    1. Bumblebee, exactly what I was thinking!

  8. All the Vivianas I have, have excellent formula.
    This must be one off. Pretty colour!

    1. It looks like all the Vivs she has are off, even mine are fine:P


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