Monday, 7 May 2012

Summer Blossom Nail Art

These days I am all about pastels and pinks. No wonder then I have another pastel pink lined up.
Doesnt that name conjure up an image of turrets in the desert with a princess, Alladin and a Genie next to them! Ahh If I met the Genie I'd ask for more nail polishes! :D

Diana of London (DOL) is an International makeup brand manufactured in France and imported to India. According to the company their nail polishes are “State-of-the-art nail enamel, High-shine finish with an instant stroke of glamour, irresistible colors go on smoother and faster without chipping and streaking, set in 60 seconds, Toluene,DBP, Camphor & Formaldehyde free”. However ingredients list is not mentioned on the bottle.

Now thats one thing I appreciate: being “3 free”. That means harmful chemicals are excluded from these polishes making them friendly for your nails. Although their shade collection is a little limited with hues of pinks, reds and browns. Also finishes are limited to crèmes, pearl-ies and a few frosties.

Sigh!! How I wish Indian brands would come up with more of glitter, flakies, foils, glass flecked, matts and the ever desirable multi-chromes and holos.

Price: MRP: Rs210 for 12 ml (although available on online sites with a discount)

Image Source: Diana of London Website

Jasmine (48) is a nice pastel nude-pink on my hands and quite apt for the season. Application was a bit streaky but a careful 3rd coat and it went completely opaque and smoothed it out while drying to a very nice glossy finish. I was pleasantly surprised at the glossy finish on this crème. Most of the crème finishes available locally do not have a gloss as good as this one.

nail polish

You see the gloss on the pic above. That gloss remained the same even after the polish dried. The formula is slightly runny and the brush does leave some streaks. I would have been happier with a better brush. Drying time was quick for the first 2 coats (say 10 mins) however the third one took a bit more to dry.

Again I am pleasantly surprised, this polish lasted a really long time on my nails. I wanted to test this for wear and I successfully wore it for 5 full days with minimal tip wear the the end of 5th day after which I wiped it off out of an itch to change my polish. Very rarely do I leave a polish for so long.

Nail Art I did with DOL's Jasmine as the base after 2 days of wearing it plain: Hardly any tip wear.

Diana of London
Base: Diana of London Jasmine (48)
Stamping colour: Konad Black
Stamping Plate: BM 224
Dotting tool: various coloured dots
Bundle monster BM 224

Flower Nail Art

Verdict: I 'd say DOL polishes are definitely worth the money. I'd buy other shades if I like them.

Disclaimer: Product sent by the company for review. However this has not affected my opinion...Really!


  1. Thats glossy!!
    I am still to check out DoL polishes.

    1. yeah thats the one u saw me holding the cookie icecream with :D

  2. pretty nail art..:) and the dol color is so subtle and pretty for summers:)

  3. This is so pretty! I love how you've added colour to the centre of the flowers :-)

  4. ooooo.. such a pretty pretty design!!! :)

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  5. Pretty color. Love the design on top.
    This is a new brand for me....will definitely try them out if I get a chance.

  6. beautiful art
    loved it Kejal

  7. wow! the shine remained even after stamping??? m impressed at this!

    wots on the bday girls nails btw???

  8. Nail Art Challenge: You can still join the challenge created by Puja. Just leave a message on her page :-)

  9. Ahh now I know what you meant about my name.....tell the PR, my name is Jasmine so I should get the polish freeeeeeee :p

  10. Kejal, I have an award for you on my blog. Check out

  11. I love nail art and daily apply on my nails. Thanks for sharing It's really very preety.


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