Monday, 28 May 2012

Caramel Truffle Nail Art + Viviana Moody Concoction

Now...who doesnt like Caramel Truffle???
No. Think again?

Viviana's Moody Concoction is a Light Caramel coloured gooey simmering liquid!
Yeah..reminds me of Caramel filled Truffles..Sluuurrrppp!

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Here's a swatch of Moody Concoction. Light Golden Shimmer in Caramel.
Unlike Blinding Splash Viviana, this one gave me no trouble at all.
The application was smooth, dried fast. 2 coats made it smooth and opaque.
No Streaks, no VNL (visible nail line). Last on me almost 4 days with top coat.
Overall I was quite happy with this polish. 
I also like this shade, caramel-ley, as if  i havent said that enough :p

Here's my NOTD with Nail stickers..the ones I used in My Oriental Nail Art

Like it?

*Sample provided for review. However opinions are my own*


  1. so VNL did not give you any VNL :P

  2. Which shade did you use for stamping? I always so love the flowers on your nails Kej!

  3. Adorei o resultado final... os detalhes ficaram perfeitos...

  4. Love all the flower design so pretty and elegant.

    1. yeah..its one of the best stickers I like

  5. It's beautiful Kejal... Teach me nail art!!

  6. Loved the the way, I'm a new follower of your blog!!!!! :) Hope you check back mine!! :)

  7. I love it!! Such beautiful swirls and pretty flower!


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