Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Candy Roses

Some days back I had seen a lovely rose tutorial mani from Nail Nerd, which was requested by another fav nail blogger of mine; I'm Feeling Nail-Venturous. So I decided to try it out myself as both their mani's looked so pretty. Here's my version of Candy roses.

I used colorbar's white as the base. It took me 3 coats to get it opaque and it still showed streaks.
Please excuse the untidy edges. I wasn't sure if I still wanted this as base

After it completely dried, I made a baby pink colour by mixing red and white acrylic paints to make irregular blobs.
With Flash
And added the detailing with dark red. I did try leaves, but they didn't turn out well. So I left them out, as I thought the design was looking really pretty like candy pieces. They did seem easy in the tutorial, but it took some time to get the petals right.
Up close the design looked a little messy to me, but if you kinda watch it at hand's length it doesn't seem messy.

Without Flash

I kept looking at my hand all day, as the roses really looked so pretty!
What do you feel about it? Or should I just stick to stamping?

♥ Till I see you next ♥


  1. Thank u all!!! I really love reading ur comments!

  2. Your roses turned out really well. They look a lot neater and cleaner than mine did. You can see the detail in yours really well. I love the colors you choose. I don't blame you for leaving out the leaves. I wish I would have taken pics before the leaves when I did my manicure. I think the leaves ruined my manicure. Thanks for the tag! You are so sweet.

  3. Sweet :) btw I wanted to ask you from where do you get kryolan products in mumbai?

  4. @novice-makeup, Rekha, Parita : Thank you for the lovely comments

    @FashionPhD: U got 2 nice blogs urself!

    @imfeeling-nailventurous: Thank u!! Love ur blog!

  5. This is seriously awesome business Kejal! Totally awesome! Wish I was gifted enough to paint my nails in delicate designs :(
    ♥ Sukanya

  6. Hi kejal, thanks for visiting my blog.. You blog is awesome and you are so talented... I am following now. D0 visit again :)

  7. Hey!! you have a wonderful blog!! I think nail art is the most difficult of all makeup art . Good to know that I'm not the only one complaining about Colorbar nail paints.
    The patters look so wonderful!! Wish I could do that too

  8. whoa yo gotta great artistic talent dear..kip going!

  9. wow looks pretty n cute... :-)


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