Thursday, 28 July 2011

Gradient Nails!!

Good morning! Today I read on an friend's FB status: "When was the last time you did something for the first time." And I thought "now". Since my nails had grown long and though I am dying to try out one of the full nail designs from BM, I thought they might still fall short. So I decided  to try out gradient nails that I have seen on you tube and other blogs.
I used three colours in different shades of pink and one in magenta; applied using a piece of makeup sponge.
Started dabbing the lightest pink on one third of my nail and followed the same with darker ones. The third pink though I had to dab twice as it wasn't opaque enough. Lastly followed by magenta.
Finally I stamped the ring and thumb with butterfly on BM 222 in Konad special black and topped it of with a glitter top coat. Though this is my first trial using the sponge technique and I was very skeptical that it wouldn't come out neat...I must say I am quite happy with the result. What do you think?

Do leave your feedback and comments.


  1. I always like sponge nail art..and i must say this is wonderful. :)

  2. Awesome :), looks so romatic :)
    Please put some details photos :P will love to try it :)

  3. This manicure looks great! I love the butterfly!

  4. I totally love this mani, it's so pretty!

  5. Dear Kejal!
    Since the first time I found your blog I feel in love with it! Therefore I have nominated it for the Sunshine Award. Check out my blog post tomorrow for more info :)
    xoxo Theresa

  6. I find sponge nail art rather easy to do compared to elaborate ones since I am very clumsy. Love that butterfly! I feel like getting one of those Konad tools right away!

    Your blog is quite nice, just found it through wiseshe :)

  7. that gradient design is so fabulous, must try it out!


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