Thursday, 21 July 2011

My First Haul!!

I have got my new bundle monster plates! that a friend kindly brought for me from US. Although one BM plate was damaged, they have agreed to replace the same.
Damaged piece

Here's my new set of special polishes: basic ones; nothing fancy (silver, hot pink, blue pearl, black, yellow, red and violet pearl)

Cant wait to try out my new set and polishes! Any suggestions on which plate/design to try first from the new BM set?


  1. Great haul :), I have few of these, but never got time to experiment much :(
    If possible try konad design with 2 shades, I never got them right :( would love to listen from you :)

  2. sure, will keep you posted! I think I am going to try a simple full nail design first.

  3. Oh my...awesome haul, all plates are good. Start doing one by one,would love to see all of them..:)
    Following you. :)

  4. These plates are awesome! i cant wait to see what you do with them =)))


  5. The plates look nice ...wish I had some of them!! Thanx for stopping by my follow if u like!


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