Monday, 18 July 2011

Star sprinkle!

Base coat: ColorBar Exclusive 018
Stamp Plate: Konad M82
Stamping Polish: Konad special polish white
Dark Blue rim: Colorama Marinho

Loved this base colour, more like teal.
Here in India, we dont have many options in terms of choice of brands.
The common ones are: lakme, L'oreal, Colorama (introduced recently), revlon, maybelline are some of the more common ones. Others like OPI and China glaze though available at salons are quite expensive at around $10. Havent seen Zoya, nubar, sally hansen and the others in our market yet. Also konad plates and stamps are not easily available. My mom got me mine from a trip to US.
Have ordered for a set of Bundle monster new plates which should arrive soon (fingers crossed).
Until then goodbye and tc.

Comments on my blog/nail art are most welcome.


  1. Nice blog... I am myself a nail art addict :)
    you have such lovely shades... will soon pour questions about the shades numbers :P

    Infact Konad plates and stamps are easily available in india these days... don't know how they fair in terms of price :(

  2. very pretty nail art :)
    nice blog..

  3. Cute! I love the look of really thin tips in a contrasting color. My former nail tech in Florida called them "Cuban" tips but I'm not sure if this is a well known term. :)

  4. "Cuban tips"? Now thats a new one I heard.. thanks for telling me that. I can now refer to this instead of thin tips :D


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