Monday, 25 September 2017

Beauty Big Bang Multichrome Holo Flakies

I am falling and falling hard for these holo/chrome/powder/pigments!
Even in this dull cloudy weather they show a very chromey mirror type shine and it s always a plus when the sun comes out and hits holo 😍

Base: Black Gel polish from Dance Legend
No wipe coat from Dance Legend
Powder: Chameleon Nail Holo Flakes Powder (J2419 in shade 5C)
Accent: thin bow sticker

This is a duochrome flakie in mirror finish with holo pigment (item J2419-5C; link) from Beauty Big Bang website. Yes thats a lot of attributes but those are all the effects you see in this powder. Its not a fine can see bit of flakies and powder. The effect is best when you put this on a black base.
But there's 2 ways to put this. On my pointer and pinky finger I have rubbed it in like how you rub in a holo or mirror pigment. This gives a linear holo effect amid shiny flakies. 
The rest of the fingers I have just dabbed it on. Like take a bit on my finger tip and just lightly dabbed on the nail. Repeat till the whole nail is fully covered. This gives a very scattered but strong holo effect with shiny flakies. The pics dont show the true shades..irl the deep pink colour is bright and the holos and flakies just dazzle under direct light.

If you dont want to use gel you can also use a peel off glitter base and a water based top coat.

A macro pic (above) to capture the holo (this was rubbed into the nail).

Under a dull sky (above) which shows the duochrome effect of the flakies very clearly.
The powder has a very deep colour shift from pink-purple to green-gold.
It sells for $3.29 for a 0.2gm box. There are 5 shades in this powder with various different combinations of colours and shift.

Macro pic (above) to capture the flakies.

You can buy this at Beauty Big Bang and get a 10% discount if you use my code "NAAT"

PS: Product sent for an honest unbiased review

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