Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Patterned Nails

Hi! Hope everyone's having a good year so far!
I did this for my anniversary in december but held on to posting it coz I was busy posting the seasonal manis. Which now reminds me I seriously need good plates with some nice firework images. 

Base: Essie Candy apple topped with Orly Sparkling Garbage
Stamped using konad black
Stamping plate: B.Loves Geometry is perfect

This pic has come out slightly yellow than actual coz it was taken late in the evening closer to sunset.

I love how sparkling garbage sparkles!


  1. This pattern is mesmerizing and I like very much the sparkly base!

  2. Like Manases said the pattern is definitely mesmerising.

  3. This pattern is awesome! This week I`m going to get manicure at my fav nail bar . So, I`ll ask my manicurist to copy this idea (if you don`t mind, of course).


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