Friday, 24 July 2015

Morrocan Nail Art

Nail Vinyls are giving me an excuse to push my schedule and do some nails. Easy to use and look so neat and nice! Here's some vinyl love:

Base: Newu Celebration (shade 140 from glitterati collection)
Vinyls are from Twinkledt: Almaz 
Accent is Metallic shade 040 from lakme on the vinyl
Stamped with Guilded from M-Polish
Stamping plate BP L-003 from bornpretty store
Topped with HKgirl

I am quite liking these stamping polishes from M-polish. They don't stink and show up well on light and dark colours. (link)

Heres a swatch of celebration from Dabur's newu. 
Base is a Blackcurrant pop from Maybelline colorshow
Topped with 3 thin coats on Celebration. Love the iridescent blue and small holo glitter in it.
Looks very pretty in sunlight..but I didnt have any :(


  1. So pretty, love the glitter polish :)

  2. On its own, Celebration is completely opaque in three coats!


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