Sunday, 1 September 2013

Glitter Gradient Nails


I am still doing simple nail art these days. Though things are getting better with the baby (mostly!) we kind of have a schedule where I get a couple of hours here and there to myself while he naps (again mostly). So here's a glitter gradient I did.

Base is China Glaze Re-fresh Mint. Loving this colour at the moment.
Glitter gradient is with Jordana LA City Nights. It's a mix of medium turquoise and purple micro glitter.

I love how simple and neat this turns out without too much hard work.
You should try a glitter gradient if you like glitter nails but dont wanna go OTT with it.

Till I see you next. Ta-daa


  1. It looks gorgeous Kej . . . Glitter gradient is always pretty.

  2. It looks really nice with short nails, I really love your base color, :).

  3. wow so happy to find another Indian nail blog!
    Just started mine too sometime back.
    Could we do a follow for follow? :)


  4. Oh and one more thing, where did you find CG Re-fresh mint? I've been wanting that polish since forever! I can't find it anywhere! In fact, any China glaze polish here in India :/


  5. Looks very pretty. Somehow, I can't do even this simple glitter gradient polish :(

  6. love the glitter... Nice swatches Kejal :)


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