Friday, 27 September 2013

Simple festive nail art

Nothing too fancy today. Just a lil twist to a plain mani.

The red is something I picked from my moms stash though I doubt she had ever opened it.
the gold is a chambor jewel nail polish no.12. Mom said dad picked this Chambor for her when he went to a shop and she couldnt find a decent polish in her stash. I went chweet!
Wore this to an indian baby shower function for a relative.

Someone once told me these are called brazilian tips.


  1. Never knew about brazilian tips... so technical na :( I always called these french with a twist ha ha...
    Great to see you back and posting... God bless :)

  2. Love this! Simple but super pretty!

  3. Love it! Simple and effective!!

  4. Lovely combination of colors.

  5. Hi I'm italian but i always read your blog. Your nail arts are so beautiful. I also have now a blog and if you would like to take a look i'll be pleased


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