Thursday, 13 December 2012

Lush Lemony Flutter: Cuticle Butter Review

One of my pet peeves is frayed/dry cuticles. First let me confess that I dont do much housework or get my hands dirty often. I have a corporate job and the downside to that is being in air-contioned environment that tends to be dry.  Also the hazards of being a nail blogger are that I tend to change my polish more than normal..say maybe 2-3 times a week. Now I know thats not much given a lot of bloggers I know change on an almost daily basis. On the plus side I live in Mumbai..which doesnt freeze over. However yet I do find the need to moisturize my cuticles often or else they tend to dry and get frayed.

There are 2 basic things that have made a noticeable difference to my cuticles. One of them is the "make your own moisturizing nail polish remover." You can read that post here.
Other is a cuticle cream or balm or butter. Now once I set my mind on something I tend not to rest unless I get my hands on it. So I started to google about cuticles and cuticle care which lead me to believe that 2 products would serve my need. Burt Bee's Lemon Butter cuticle cream and Lush' Lemony flutter Cuticle butter. Needless to say I got both. So first up on the hot seat today is Lush's Lemony flutter.
This small 50 g tub in peculiar black lush tub packaging costs Rs.630/- ($12). It used to be Rs.550/- earlier..but Lush has increased prices recently.

It is small and a bit pricey if you see the size of this container.

But a little bit goes a really really long way. I need to just touch the tip of finger in the cream and it suffices for all 5 fingers with a bit to spare for a nail or 2 on the other hands.
Its thick, really thick, Think amul butter jus out from the fridge.
Rub it into your cuticles and nails and you get this strong aroma of lemony candy.
It is slightly greasy..but will easily get absorbed in the skin in say 5 mins.

I started using this around late august and wanted to throughly use it before I wrote a review on it. Its December now and I have barely managed make a dent in the top surface. And i use it atleast once a day. mostly at night so it can stay on my cuticles till morning.

With the climate turning slightly cooler I like to rub a bit of this on my palms and the back of my hands at night.

Now let me say you would certainly find a visible difference in a week. It lasts really really long. I have tried loads of other hands creams and body butters for my cuticles and none have worked so well. 

However I found that the smell does change a bit over a couple of months. It loses that zingy sharp lemony twang..and gets a bit milder and sweeter. But yeah still smells like lemon flavoured hard candy. The other thing is its not convenient to carry around so you might need to transfer a bit into a small tub say like an empty lip butter you can carry it on the go.

Overall I really recommend this to you if you get bothered by frayed torn cuticles.

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  1. The otherday I was looking at my dried cuticles and thinking what to do with them. I have a small baby and don't really get time to reapply hand cream during the day. now this post has come at the right time <3 I am definitely going to buy this one product Kejal ..

    1. It will surely help u with the harsh north indian weather..jus keep it at your bedside at night..and apply!

  2. I've been looking for this here but they're always out of stock. I've heard a lot of reviews on this and I'd really like to try. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this.

  3. I want! I want! I want!!

    BTW your cuticles always look perfect!!

    @Shalini I hear ya!! Mine sometimes look like they have been through the dryer :P

  4. great! would love to try it :)

  5. It is 660 now....I saw it on the Lush India website yesterday. Btw, I have a charity pot made by Kris :P

  6. hey Kejal. I am new to this Nail art craze and really like ur blog. i have started my own blog and am gonna write about things tht are unique and creative around mumbai. my first article is on nail art and i have mentioned u.

    do check it out.


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