Thursday, 6 December 2012

Darling Diva's Release the Kraken V2: Swatches!

I cant tell you how excited I am to write this post!!!
A couple of weeks ago I saw this polish on a blog and I fell head over heels in laaauuu!! (love)!

I kept looking and searchin for this polish and landed up on this etsy page here: 
We got talking and the lovely creator of this polish Carrie sent me a pretty package!
Today I am reviewing one of my fav polishes ever!
Presenting.... Release the Kraken V2!!

Now Kraken is the name of the legendary sea-monster-giant-octopus more famously seen in Pirates of the Caribbean movie series. And this Kraken looks adorable!!
$8 for 15ml (Most of Darling Diva's polishes retail for $8-12)
They reached me in India in 15 days flat!! I was very impressed!

White Jelly base filled with a bazillion colored glitters in various hex and square sizes
There are also some translucent hexes which shine very pretty!

Applied smoothly and took me 3 coats to make opaque. There is no white undercoat in these pics.
The polish is slightly thick but I believe it helps suspend the glitter better. There was zero fishing involved in painting my nails. The polish bottle is generously filled with glitter.
Cant describe how much excitement this polish has caused for me! :)
No chipping, no tearing for 3-4 days.

Stamped an accent in bold polka with Konad Red using RA 103

(jus an interesting tidbit: The red polish I was posing with above: slipped out and fell 12 storeys down!!! Fortunatley it didnt hurt anyone as if fell in some hedges and unfortunately I couldnt find someone probably got lucky :D )

Dont you wanna try some Kraken for yourself???

*Polish sent for review. But opinions are my own and honest


  1. Envy! That is a gorgeous indie. And I can sympathise with the bottle-falling episode. Mine flew out of the window and crashed into the neighbour's verandah. White paint all over! Thankfully, they were extremely understanding :)

    1. Yeah gorgeous!!
      hehehe! I hope ur white zoya didnt fly over?

  2. gorgeous....ya i want to try this will order it soon..:)

  3. i am a big fan of Carrie's all of her polishes.. :)

  4. Totally understand your love for this polish! I love multicolored glitters in a white base, so pretty and fun! :)

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  6. Hi. I also like to play with nail polish or art work. I like your blog very much. Thanks for sharing. Please visit :

  7. And you say I am obsessed with white based indie polishes !!! And you also say you are J :p

  8. I think i am going to order this too.. I have week nails, so had never been that interested in nail polishes. But lately i have started to wear nailpaints even if when my nails are short.. and it indeed is fun.. :)

    1. :) these polishes r super fun. Hey dont let short nails stop u!

  9. I LOOOOOOOOOVE this polish.!!!
    And I love the stamp. It takes nothing away from the polish and still looks striking.
    love this mani.

    PS: too much love. :P

  10. Its just so beautiful... I love the way the nail paint has given white color with just two coats... :)
    I so wish someone makes these beauties in India too :)

    1. thanks Divya! U know darling diva keeps having offers on etsy esp during festive even with shipping it turns out a good deal :)

  11. I love indian sense of beauty and culture, I've been there twice, and yesterday I just tried my first indian-ish nail look. I'd be happy to welcome you on my new blog!


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