Monday, 11 June 2012

Stamping Polishes: Non Konads

I did an experiment..*think: lab coat, big cold lab, and loads of polishes to splatter!!*
Yeah I had fun!! I have stamped most some polishes I have to check if they stamp well or no.
If some of these dont work for you..jus leave them open under a fan/open room for half an hour and try again. I have stamped them over a white page with black stripes of acrylic paint. For shades that wouldnt show over black..I have used Revlon's Top Speed polish as a base (pink). 
You got any questions..pls leave a comment at the end of the post..and I'll answer.
To see my tutorial on Nail Art stamping: Click here

Colorama Black: Is slightly runny, but stamps decent, specially over bright colours
Colorama Dark Blue (Marinho): Its transparent, runny, doesnt show too well, but shows on white


Colobar 21 Mulberry: Too pale, doesnt show
Colobar 09 Icy Silver: Shows well on dark and bright colours
Colorbar 37 White: Shows well on dark..but not too well on bright..kinda ok ok

Colorbar: 18 (mint green): I'd give this a miss as a stamping polish

Lakme Metallics: 040 (gold) Shows well on dark and light colours..but maybe u'll need thick designs for this to show on light bases
Lakme 01 Color crush: This is slightly paler gold as compared to 040 Metallics..but stamps similar to it
Streetwear Golden Mirror 03: Stamps well too. Click here to see how it stamps on red
(Pls dont ask me why I have soo many golds..I still have another Non indian brands..I bought them all to test for stamping. I've heard the Konad Gold is not good.)

Lakme Metallics 241: This one is a bronze metallic. Shows well over white.. See this post
Lakme Twilight Mauve: Meh...If u ask me..give it a miss. However its a pretty base here

Lakme: D417 Freespirit from Manish Malhotra collection: Stamps really well over light bases

Streetwear Fuchsia Pink: This is similar to Konads Psyche Pink..kinda Meh...
Streetwear Violet Divine: Seems to show well on white and right bases, looks slight transparent..I m yet to use it as a stamping polish.(will update)
Streetwear Blue Bell: No no..unless u like pale blue on stark white

Revlon Top Speed: Mulberry 59: I like how it looks pastel pink on the white base
Lotus herbal: Cozy Mulberry: Nope..Doesnt work as stamping polish

Hope this helps.

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  1. *All bow to the stamping Queen Kejal* long live the Queen ;)

  2. Great comparisons! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thanks for sharing... The konad polishes are a hit or miss for me uuugghhh

  4. This is such a great idea comparing this way! Good on you

  5. yay yay yay i was waiting for this post ever since u said ud be doing it...It was damn helpful..will be bookmarking it..Thanks a ton Kejal :)

  6. have put so much effort in this. I love the designs.

  7. I've just started to try stamping, so I'll definitely be bookmarking this for reference--thanks for all the work you put into these!

  8. wow thanks! definitely helps a lot!

  9. wow this would've taken forever.... Thanks for the effort.


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