Thursday, 21 June 2012

Nail Polish Strips or Appliqués

Hi, I am back from my trip and got loads of nail goodies as usual!!

Today I have nail strips or Nail appliqués to show ya.
What are these? These are strips of actual nail polish also called Nail Appliqués or Nail wraps/strips.
These are an easy fun way of instantly popping up your nails. No time for polish to dry, no special skills required for nail art, no messy stamping and clean up!! And yes no worries about both hand nails not looking same.
Yes! this is that simple!
And these are much much better than those plastic-ky full nail stickers or nail decals.

A box has various sizes of strips so no need to worry about size. There is also a small nail file and an orange stick. There are instructions on the back.

Make sure you push the cuticle back on your nails before you start. Cut one strip as per the size of your nail base.

The strip has protective plastic sheet both on top and below it.

Just align the strip with the base of your nail and gently press down till the tip and on each side.
No worries if you have a small wrinkle you can just pull up a small bit and lay it flat. These strips are stretchy coz there are made of nail polish. So no worries about wrinkly nails!!

See how smooth the surface is!!! And it has micro glitter!

It fits well on the nail too! doesnt feel unnatural like a sticker sitting on your nail.
What I was afraid was, that it will just slide off after I take a shower or wash my hands. But this did not budge. It stayed put for 4 days with minimal tip wear. Removing is just as easy. I just pulled mine off like stickers with a little effort. But you can also just as well use nail polish remover and wipe it off.

I loved this houndstooth design! It actually had micro glitter and I had no trouble taking it off!
Cant wait to show you the other nail strips I got...and some even have diamontè/stones.

I got loads of extras so if you need some please contact me. (Within India only!)


  1. totally digging this! I love these fuss free manis!

  2. Awesome stuff Kej !!! But honestly I couldn't make out the difference when I first saw the pic coz you stamp just as well :) but its real good stuff for lazy, clumsy ppl or busy bees !!

  3. ur nails look so posh! wud love to know wer to get these!

  4. These are absolutely gorgeous. Love the designs.

  5. Kej, promise me to help out with mains when I go there please. If we do not need the entire length of the strips can we use the left over for another use? I mean say, if a small length is left over and I want to use it for the tips?

    1. Anytime Nivi!! For my nails I actually used one strip for 2 nails coz I ha them short. U can def use the tip for other nail if it fits in length

    2. Thanks a ton Kej. Since stamping did disheartened me I could try these for sure

    3. I wud still urge to practise stampin a bit

  6. kejal, i had commented above asking wer i cud buy them from.. wud love to get them from u.. will mail u!

  7. That looks gorgeous Kej !!

  8. awesome yaar,,,very neat,,

  9. Hey! Do you still have any for sale? Because I would love to buy some! :D


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