Friday, 23 March 2012

Rays of half moons? maybe..

While you are reading this I am rafting somewhere in the middle of Ganges!
This is my second time there. I enjoyed so much last time that I had to go again this year!!

Anyhoo, I did intend to keep a couple of schedules posts, as this wasnt one of my first chioces to upload. But in between a few social do-s, catching up with some old friends, finish work and packing I couldnt manage to post some more.
I did this mani a couple of weeks ago as an experiment. Well, I have a few of these chinese/korean bottles of nail polish that give a metallic-matt finish. They look super opaque, so I wanted to see if they'd stamp well...and ooh boy! they do! However please excuse the sloppy pics..I did'nt clean up before I took the pics and for some strange reason even the base has a really sloppy application.

Base: OPI Russian Navy
Stamping Colour: Unbranded Metallic-Matt in Orange
Stamping plate: XL B
The stamp is quite funky abstract kinda, with rays of half moons. Believe me I was quite sure I wasnt going to look good when I was putting it together. But the end result is quite a curious mix.

I'd love to hear your thoughts about this eclectic mix. Do leave your comments.


  1. I loved it .... Kejal do a step-by-step tutorial pls :D

  2. love it Kejal! Hope you are having an awesome time rafting!!

  3. ooh nice!!! did u war this while rafting?


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