Sunday, 1 January 2012

My Christmas Haul!!

Ok I know I am a bit late (ok! quite late) in posting this up..but I hope you will understand when I say that for days I could do nothing but stare at how beautiful this thing is.
I am going on a rant here..coz it caused me so much trouble to get this!!
Urban Decay if you are reading this please take heed!!! Ship to India or better still come down here! Others please proceed to the pics.

I finally laid my hands on the ever so elusive "Naked Palette". It was an operation of sorts to mange to get this across from US. First I had a cousin's friend's relative pick this for me and the book of shadows for her (my cousin that is). However they didn't think this was soooo important since they left it back when they came to India. (eventually they returned it to the shop). Next my cousin (same one) went over to singapore, so we decided she'd pick it from Sephora there. However the markets plunged, US dollar went up, singapore dollar went further up..and the same thing that costs $48 in US costs became $65. (whoooaaa). So we chucked that plan.
Next on our agenda was Dubai. My bro-in-law stays there! If that failed I had Japan in my mind.
Before we explored a few other countries, an office colleague went to UK and got it from there. (whew!!!)

Enough has been said about "the palette". I am not going to describe each color with its undertone/texture/shimmer/glitter. Just enjoy the pics!!

I also received my NYX cherry culture haul!

Blushes: Cream blush in Natural, Powder blush in Desert rose, HD grinding blush in terra cotta
HD face primer and eye shadow base, Blotting paper, Jumbo pencils in black bean and rust,
Soft matte lip cream in: Stockholm, San paulo!

After this I have decided to go on a No-Buy and a strict one at that!

Well I had a good year!! What about you?

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  1. awesome christmas haul!

  2. Waht a tempting Haul. Happy New Year dear, I've passed on an award to you, do chech out my Blog

  3. Very nice!! NP!! It looks like a dream to me :(

  4. OOOMMMMGGGG !!! that's quite a haul..totally love planning to get some stuffs from NYX to..but the shipping charges of cherryculture were way to much for me..waiting for other indian e-sites to stock then up..overall am feeling J...

  5. lovely haul :)

    Have a great year ahead :)
    Bless you :)

  6. *im not looking at NAKED* I'm on a no buy too that started on the 1st of Jan n don't wanna breakit so soon!
    Oh and the love the NyX goodies...Stockholm is my fave lip cream... Oh and u pick up the studio clear primer also..that's better than this one.. No white cast and oh so smooth.. :)

  7. Oh forgot to mention- NyX Hd eyeshadow base is my HG eye primer... Woo'll love it too. :)

  8. AMazinnngg! and ur right..this is really a long time coming!! the palette looks so awesome....i wudnt even dare to use it...ever! id just keep staring like a lunatic!!!!

    how r u liking the nyx primer??

  9. I am drooling over the haul :P
    Totally loving each items, cant wait to see your first EOTD :)

  10. OMG KEjal u got Ud's naked paletteeeeeee :D :D :O omg m sooooooooo droooling over ur palette nd nyx stufffff !! i hope u use naked palette jaldi se and post some eotd's ;) <3

  11. Love the palette…..I wish Urbay Decay comes to India soon <3


  12. kejal chk out my blog if ur interested in my giveaway :D :))

  13. Naked PAlette is awesome isnt it? Good u got one........its nothing special about the colors but owning a palette makes u feel special!!

    Hope to see some EOTDS

  14. Hey.. thanks for the comment on my blog.. SwagBucks is also for non-US residents but from what I hear.. it is a bit harder to earn because many of the special offers do not apply to non US residents.

    I have been thinking about getting the Naked pallette for a while.. let us know how you like it! and same with the NYX HD primer!

  15. I swear every time I see that palette I just fall more in love with it.

    * 3*

  16. congrats for succeding to get THE ud naked palette...its beautiiiifullll

  17. Naked Palette finally..after so much confusion ! And nice NYX haul..I have Rust and quite like it..:)


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