Monday, 9 January 2012

Guest Model!

While you are reading this I am on a beach in Goa sipping wine and enjoying a small little holiday!!
Today we have a new guest model. Thats what I am going to call other people's hands who willingly offer them to paint their nails! hehe!
Anywho today we have colleague of mine who is also a credit risk analyst (like me).
Now moving on to her mani. She wanted something that would go on everything...(huh?..girls!!!) 
I used Colorbar's Mulberry its a frosty light peachy-pink. 
Base: Colorbar Mulberry
Stamping plate: Konad M82
Stamping polish: Konad black

Those are all the pics I cud click outside my office. She's a good model ain't she?
Let me know how you like it.


  1. This looks so classy....the color combi itself is totally sexy! :)

  2. i loved it :D :D i wanna b a guest model :P

  3. @Zara: Thanks
    @Upasana:Come to mumbai, I'll do ur nails :p

  4. gorgeous mani, it'll go well with almost everything! Hope you have a great vacay :)

  5. Very pretty!! New follower!

  6. I love it!! So pretty, but I'm sure if I set out to try it, it'll be a hot steaming mess! :))

  7. @indian beauty central, @Carol, @Booksahoy : thank you all!
    @keerthi: it'll come with a bit of practice

  8. congozz kejal for wining wiseshe giveaway :D

  9. I wish you were my neighbor - I cld get all these funky nail art done :)

    1. We can catchup..and I'll do ur nail..watsay? v r both in mumbai!

  10. Those look so lovely and delicate, well played!

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