Friday, 19 August 2011

Flower Power

Please excuse my week long hiatus. My parents left yesterday for Canada on a month long vacation and I was helping them pack, plus we had a long weekend last week so I was completely off the computer, and out with my mom helping her shop for the trip. This mani below, is what I was wearing last week. I had wanted to do a nude base since quite some time and a full nail stamp design. So thats what I did.

 Base: Nude from Streetwear
Stamping: Konad violet pearl with BM 205
Although the top coat smudged the stamp a bit, I thought the overall look was quite cute and girly.
I also put a few nail stickers in pink to make it fun.
(indoors with flash)
Do let me know your comments and thoughts on this flower power.

Oh! and if you are from Canada or know about it, can you recommend any polish brands for holographic,crackle and stamping polishes(non konad kinds), that  I can call for. Ciao


  1. Hi Kejal. Where are your parents in Canada? We have almost all brands that you get in US, if you could tell me which brands you are into, I would be happy to help you. These days crackle is a big thing here, and OPI has gone full out with the trend. it is available in almost all hair salons and also sephora has a separate line for OPI. If you need more help feel free to ask.

  2. Love this! The rhinestones really made it look great!

  3. I loveee a nude base with designs overtop, it's such a good way to switch up nail art.

    I'm not huge about crackle but I like China Glaze's colors-- Crushed Candy is cute, and I believe they have that in Canada? I'd totally grab a black shatter because those are so versatile.
    Some of the OPI Designer Series polishes are gorgeous holos, mostly scattered.
    The Kleancolor "holo-glitters" are pretty also, and inexpensive- not exactly holographic polishes but gorgeous holoey glitters perfect for layering.
    One crackle I bought which I'm not that into-- OPI Silver Shatter, it didn't crack that well and wasn't opaque enough for what I wanted.

  4. @Adorable: I sent you a mail for some details, thanks for getting back to me.

    @Nail-Venturous: Thank you! <3

    @7bridges: thanks for your lovely comments, and help on canada questions!! Now i know for sure I dont wanna get OPI Silver shatter. Thanks for saving me some money on that one.

  5. this is so cuteeee.loved it :)full hand maniiiii :)

  6. @rekha: thanks
    @Ana: thank youuu. waiting for you to try

  7. Woww it's sooo pretty <3 Great job!!!!

  8. this is really beautiful it.

  9. It looks so pretty & delicate :)

  10. I haven't been doing some stamping for quite some time now. I sort of miss after reading this post. :)

  11. omg this is stunning sweetie!


  12. These flowers are very cute :))

  13. @sahar @rakhshanda @vertu @sandra @tanveer @rins
    @sarah @puremorning : thank you for the beautiful compliments...I love reading ur comments


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