Wednesday, 3 August 2011

My weekend Haul !! :)

Hello All,
As an amateur nail artist, I realized that my inventory is lacking certain must haves. So I went about looking for a few things this weekend. Here's what I ended up with.
From L to R:
Makeup sponge, VLCC anti tan pack, M&S Cocoa butter and Peach almond hand and body lotion,
nail art rhine stones in gold and black, streetwear in barely nude, Lotus herbals' Ocean Love and Cozy Mulberry, OPI : DS Reflection and Russian Navy and a dotting tool arrived from ebay.
Rhine Stones in Gold and Black

Nail Polish Stash
Not saying that I got all that I wanted, but with the limited choices that we have I picked these. I am still lusting after a few good metallics and flakies.

Ta-Da till I see you next time


  1. Great haul :)
    share the ebay links for polish :)

  2. Divya :) thanks. Ebay was for dotting tools, not polish. And I cant find that shop now. But just use search on ebay, u'll get loads

  3. Great haul Kejal...I loved OPI russian navy. :)

  4. @kuheli, @vertu, @Biberlee: Thank you all

  5. nice haul Kejal :) wonderful blog.. following u now :)



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