Thursday, 17 October 2019

Fall Nail Art : Orange Plaid Nail Art

Hello! I am trying to be back to posting after a long break. Moved houses and kiddo appeared for 1st school exams, lots of work, tons of house warming parties and what not in between. So yeah been busy.

Starting with a fall mani today. Love these fall combos even though we dont get any fall season as such in Mumbai. The rains are thankfully over and the heat is already unbearable.

Base: Different Dimension Boo Felicia
Stamping plate: Nicole Diary L-04
Random stamping polishes

This very versatile plate (Nicole Diary L-04 #46229; link)  is from Nicole Diary brand from the Bornpretty website. This plate covers a lot of basic lines, patterns and chevrons for a very creative mani. I was looking since quite some time for a plate to make plaid designs using my own patterns and this plate helps me do just that. Most other plates already have a plaid pattern and you cannot make the plaid using different colours. The max you can do is add a couple of lines here and there on an existing basic plaid. But this gives you lots of rooms to play around with colours.

The plate sells for $3.29 and even the fine lines and images print crisp and neat.

Ps: Plate provided for an unbiased review. 


  1. These colours look great together :-D

  2. I liked your nail art so much I bought the stamping plate. Can't wait to use it. Thanks.

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