Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Pattern stamping : Glam Polish Ecstasy swatch

One of my first ultra holos.. 
Procured with heart felt pain as these got levied with customs duties and One polish got stolen (booohoooo!!) :'( 

Base: Glam Polish Ecstasy
Stamping Plate: Uber Chic 5-03
Stamping polish: M polish Snowberry

Glam Polish: Ecstasy : Its a real pretty thing, goes crazy with linear holo under light.
A medium dark purple, goes opaque in a thick coat but I prefer 2 thin ones.
Dries in a matter of mins. I suspect it would stamp well on lighter shades too. 
Pic taken under white bulb to show the holo its not so pink irl leans more to purple

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