Friday, 13 May 2016

Cute hearts with Picture Polish Merge

Picture polish released this pretty shade earlier this year and I got around 10 pp straight from Aussie. (follow me on IG to keep up with my hauls ( @nailartnthings ); got loads from mdu, ucb, bm and another mdu is on its way. 
Somebody take away my internet pls!! This is my worst ever no-buy phase !)

Base: Picture Polish Merge
Stamping plate: Uber chic beauty 1-01
Stamping polish: MDU Nabu
All topped with HKgirl
For the mani I made decals so as to get the placing right..Still havent got my hands on a jelly stamper.

Its a really pretty Taupe-nud* on me. Filled with loads of silver flakies which look lightly scattered holo when the lights hit it. Goes opaque in two coats (one thin, one slightly thick) Dries super fast just like most pp; even in this hot humid weather. Have a look upclose at this one (macro below). 
Its a shade that will suit all skin tones and look good on any occassion.

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