Friday, 1 April 2016

Floral Gradient: Krizia Mrs.Sibley swatch

Another pretty one from Krizia! Its called Mrs.Sibley

Base: A gradient of Models own Pink Veneer and blueberry muffin
Topped with Krizia Mrs.Sibley

Mrs.Sibley is an anthology created by Edgar Lee Masters. Her poem goes as this:
THE SECRET of the stars,—gravitation. 
The secret of the earth,—layers of rock. 
The secret of the soil,—to receive seed. 
The secret of the seed,—the germ. 
The secret of man,—the sower. 
The secret of woman,—the soil. 
My secret: Under a mound that you shall never find. 

Well our Mrs.Sibley is secretively mysterious and made up of iridescent micro flakies in duo-chrome which shift shades from green-gold to purple-pink. Its a lovely topper and I suspect it would look even more pretty over darker shades. But I just had to try this over some lighter shades to see the effect. Check my insta feed for a video showing the change of shades in bottle.

This one did not dry fast it was sticky even after 10 mins and took maybe another 10-15 mins to get rock hard. 

Stamped with BP L-004 using Konad pastel pink
Pink stud for accent. Wasnt sure if its looking good or not so eventually removed it after the pic.

You can contact Krizia on her FB or IG page. 

*PS Krizia polish provided for review.


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