Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Geometric Nail Art : Advance stamping technique

Hear Hear! I tried stamping decals again after my earlier disastrous effects..encouraged by my friend Puja from She does some real fab designs. And mine turned out way better than what I thought. So yeah I am on a stamping decal roll!
Once you get the hang of this thing its quite addictive :p

Base: Maybelline Colorshow Black out
Filled the design with: Models Own Turquoise Gloss, Faces Matt Ibiza, Yellow is Maybelline Sweet Sunshine
Stamping Plate: Cici and Sisi 04
Stamping polish: Konad Black 

These are my decals on the stamp. Left them to dry for half an hour and lifted them from the sides. Came out quite nicely and as you can imagine I placed a few orders for more such stamping images that can be filled and squishy stampers too.

See ya soon!

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