Sunday, 26 January 2014

Abstract texture


I finally managed to use something that I had bought last year.

This is my first texture paint that I bought from a friends blog sale. Must say I have fallen for the trend!!! And how!! Now I need more. So who is up for a trip from US to India ?? :D
The base is chg Toe-tally textured.
Two coats. Dries fast but need to let the first coat dry. 
Stamped with Fun 2 from Fab Ur Nails using opi funky dunkey
Added a little color to accent using acrylics. 

I was quite skeptical how stamping would look over textures but it's quite cool. How did u like this mani??

Hope u r having a good year so far. Mine is going well. So far. Some near dear friends had come to town after ages and the whole lot of us got together on quite a few occasions and had a thoroughly good time. They've just left back for US and are being missed already.
My friend was nice enough to carry my new BM cyo plates for me. Yay! 

See ya soon!


  1. Bundle Monster :)))
    I like some of the textures but not the ones without glitter. Then again, I like this on you with the stamping...
    (PS: I'll be in Mumbai soon again...:) )

  2. yummy nails.. they look like candy pops... and combination of orange and purple looks good

  3. Really like these! That orange I love! The stamping too!!


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