Friday, 29 November 2013

Classic B&W Nails

Have a classic today.
Base Colorbar Exclusive 37 (White). its Streaky.
Stamping with Konad black.
Stamping plates: BM 306 and BM323 on the accent.
Accent got smuged :-/

but I like the combo.


  1. Kejal, your nail arts always leave me amazed!!

    Achha, there is a request and you HAVE to help me out. You had told us about how you use acetone to make your own nail polish remover. Could you please do a detailed post with proportion of ingredients etc? The other day, I went to a store where they sell chemicals. They have only 500 ml bottles. Before I got such large one, I wanted to know the proportions.

    I think, I already wrote a very long almost spammy looking comment. So, please do tell us.

  2. You know how much I love white and I have been on a black & white kick lately, so this appeals to me immensely!!! Love it!!

  3. I love this particular flowery BM design. Great job :)

  4. Hello! Your nail art is gorgeous, colorful, I love it!
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