How to Catchup with all the blogs you follow?

Hi All,

You are here probably as you are new to blogging (just as everyone is at some point!)
Lots of people have asked me that they dont know how to follow a blog and how to know when its updated with a new post. So I just thought that it is something that I should put up and make it easy to understand.
First things first: You don't need a blog to follow a blog

Below is a screenshot of my blog. The first thing you need to do is: Click on "Join this site" button (see red arrow) and log in with your google/gmail id. So that makes you a follower of the blog and if you have a dp it will show in small square pics below the button. If you cant see the button, try refreshing the page and use a Google chrome browser. IE sometimes doesn't work well with blogs.

Next question is: Ok! I joined your list of followers, now what?
Go to iGoogle. You'll need to log in using the same google/gmail id. Then Click on the "more" button on the black tab at the top of the page. (see red box below). You will get a drop down box which has "Reader". Click on reader.

Now you are in your Google reader tab (See pic below). This page contains a few tabs. On the left is a tab which shows the number of unread items you have from all the blogs you follow. (See red box).
Under the subscriptions tab, you'll see all the blogs that you follow. The ones which have updates; appear in bold font with a number in bracket which denotes the number of unread posts. As you click one, it appears on the panel in right hand, with all unread posts from that blogger one under the other. 

If you like a particular post and want to review it again later, you can click on the star next to the post title (see small red square) "Canadian Haul" post title in the right hand side panel in the above pic. All the starred posts will appear in the starred items (on left panel). After you no longer need them you can again click the star next to the title of the post and it will no longer appear under the starred items.
Now that Google has made GFC exclusively for bloggers on Blogger platform and Word press has removed GFC from its platforms, it has left a disconnect between bloggers and followers across the platforms. However you can still follow your favourite blogs using your "google id" (the one which you have a gmail account with). I have made a short picture tutorial to make it easy.

Step 1: Log in with ur google id
Step 2: Click on Reader on the Black tab on the top of the page
Step 3: Click on Subscribe (see pic below)

A small window will open
Step 4: Copy paste or type the url of the blog/site you want to follow and click "Add"
It doesnt matter it if its blogger url or a wordpress url.

Any questions?? Was this useful? Please leav your comments below.
Happy following!  Dont forget to follow me.

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  1. awwws this is soo frickin awesome of you to explain this the way you did! this woulda been soo helpful to me when i first started. i hope this helps others!


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