Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Revlon holographic pearl vs China Glaze fairy dust

Most of the nail polish addicts in India would readily give a hand or leg or pay obnoxious amounts of shipping to lay hands on some true holo. Out of the blue Revlon has un-announcingly launched their holographic pearl here without much ado. Whilst SA's in store are unaware of what the potential of a holo is they will tell you it's a new "glitter polish" 😂

So here's the first look at india's first holo polish: the common man's version of china glaze fairy dust (or is it really?!)

First up: both polishes are swatched over Sally Hansen black heart
-Both are one coats. Revlon is much thicker and more dense than ChG. A couple more coats and I would have got full coverage with Revlon. 
-Revlon sparkles more than ChG. The holo effect is more in Revlon.
-on the other hand the base is not seen enough when using Revlon. ChG just sparkles with a good amount base being seen. 
-Revlon is priced at ₹350/- for 8ml vs China glaze ₹500/-(approx) for 15ml on Amazon in US plus international shipping that could cost u an arm or a leg (lol!)
-if you put a few drops of thinner in Revlon maybe you can achieve a fairy dust type effect of sparse sparkling holo.

They are definitely not same but till we get China glaze in India this will have to do. Let me know if you need any more info. 

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