Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Dreamy metallic swirls

Mostly I use metallics for stamping but this time around I used it as a base and I really liked how smoothly this one goes.

Base: 105 tutti fruity from NewU
Stamping polish: dancing in the streets from M-polish (really nice metallic sheen)
Stamping plate: BP L-003 (purchased by me link)
Top coat SV

Here's a swatch of the base in its own:

Goes smooth and not as streaky as I thought this would be considering its a metallic base.
Most streaks settled down on their own. One coater!! Should stamp well on dark bases.
Might get a few more of these newu metallic polishes. A couple of friends had success doing watermarble with their cremes too. Definitely worth getting at Rs.75/- a bottle.

(polish sent by newu for review. Opinions are honest and unbiased)


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  2. I don't like very much metallic finishes but together with the stamping you achieved a fantastic and mesmerizing looking mani!


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