Friday, 14 February 2014

Happy Valentines Day

Wishing all my readers a very happy valentines day!!! Hope you have a super day filled with love and special moments. 

Here's the mani I actually have on me today. I just wanted to put something simple .. Ok I admit I just wanted to paint my nails than go bare nails :p

Base: Faces Savita Matte (yeah u read right)
Now I like that this brand is really launching products and trying to catch up with global nail trends however they could be a bit creative with the shade names. Not only the nail polishes but quite a few of their lip sticks and other items are also named after other iconic shades from other brands. I have swatches of their green matte shade earlier.. It's called Veruschka. :D

Ok now coming back to this shade. It's a nice purple. With red shimmers. Dries matt as the name suggests. However the first coat was really streaky and patchy. Had to apply a thicker second coat to smooth it properly. The brush on this was horrible. Had strands poking out. But I do like the end result. A dark royal purple.

Sponged a bit of sandy gold on the tips and free handed a tiny heart with pink polish. Cute but not over the top. 

Ok. Heading out for my dinner date.

What did u do today?


  1. Its looks really pretty!!

  2. fun & cute mani but seriously they just reproduce the matte zoyas??

  3. Hehe mostly yes they did except for being 3 free. I think they went a step ahead and did the same with new shades so they do have a pretty line up of other mattes too. M eyeing a blue, a mauve and a light champagne type shade too

  4. Nice post, very entertaining!I’m still hoping there will be more posts on this site.Thanks a lot!

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  6. Your nail art is beautiful. I was expecting your art with red pattern since it is for valentine's day. But you surprised me with beautiful purple and gold pattern. amazing!!!
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