Sunday, 7 July 2013

A break and some news!!


Sometimes a break does you good. Sometimes a break makes you realise how much do you actually miss something! And sometimes it can make you realise that some things might not be as important as you thought. And something needs priority over others.
Yeah... what can I say. My blog and nail art is important to me and I missed it like crazy!
So why the break u ask? Well ... The news is I am a mommy!!!!!! 
My cute little bundle was born on 13th of June and is almost a month old now. And he has cutesy lil nails himself. 😊

During pregnancy the smell of polish made me mad and drove me nauseous. I tried to paint my nails a few times but my mind was just not into it. Saddened me quite a bit I tell ya! 
I tried again today and I didn't gag!!!! However let me warn you I have nubbins like nubbins I've never had before. Ahh the price we pay for love! But I m happy that I have polish on my nails after 6-7 months and I cudnt care anymore abt my cuticles or the shape or size of my nails. (For now that is).

On my nails today is BK holo no.5. A dark red holo with strong holo effect. 

On its own it looked more like fuchsia on me. I have applied 2 thin coats. But maybe next time I'll use a red base.

Next pic is in natural light. But on a really dull rainy day so the holo isn't flashing

Though the baby does seem to take considerable time and attention I shall be posting as and when possible. 

Yay! M a mommy! I know it's tiring and all that but frankly being a mummy isn't as stressful and scary as I imagined it would be. Also I am staying with my mom a couple of months to help me out with the baby so I am really grateful for everything she does. Moms r d best!! ❤❤❤

A hearty thanks to you all for still sticking with my blog. A lot of readers were concerned and messaged me directly to ask about my whereabouts. Thank you!
Also I did read that GFC is out so please follow me on bloglovin.

See ya soon!


  1. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Congratulations! Wonderful news!

  3. Congratulations... thats a wonderful news... :-D

  4. Yayieee :D being a mom is not stressful..hahahaaha...

    1. Oh she will find out soon enough ;) Congratulations Kejal!!!!

  5. Congratulations Kej!!!! <3 :) :)

  6. Congrats!! <3 And yes indeed! he has super cute nails!! :)

  7. Cuteness much! Cuteness much!!


    And its absolutely wonderful to see you back!!

  8. Wow, you're a mom! Congratulations!! Enjoy it. Great polish you swatched.

  9. Many congratulations Mommy! Be well and enjoy every moment of your new family x

  10. OH MY! KEJAL! CONGRATULATIONS! I'm so happy for you!!!

  11. OMG Kej!! CONGRATS!!!! I'm so happy for u, we missed u and congrats on ur little bundle of joy. God Bless :D

  12. Hey! how did i miss this.....You are a mommie .I wanna see the cutie...good to see you back..hope you are doing fine and so is Junior shah :0

  13. Congratssssssss dear
    His cutuuuuu fingers r calling us for celebration
    God bless u dear n our little one

  14. wow Kejal!!!! great news.. and CONGRATS on being a new mommy :)

  15. congratulations!!!!!!! God bless lil one ... i am sure now u gonna have more toy cars thn polish bottles :))

  16. Yay... great to see you in action dear...Big Big HUGS :)

  17. Oh my Kejal Congrats hun!! And the baby is also a number 4 like me.. Yay!

  18. Congratulations and welcome back :)


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