Thursday, 22 November 2012

Mattened Glitter Nails

Pinterest can get sooo addictive!
I had seen a mani on pinterest with matt glitter nails..but I couldnt figure out what polishes were used.
You can see the pin here and my pin board here

I attempted to do it with what I had. I knew I wanted duo-chromy glitter.
I painted the black base with Sally Hansen 
Made glitter gradient with Kleancolor Chunky Holo Fuschia.
KC Holo Fuschia glows from yellow-green to pink-red. I've tried to capture the glitter from both ends of the spectrum. See how it starts from yellow and is amber-red at the tips.

How to do a glitter gradient? I get this search term a here's how:
For a glitter gradient: I added a single coat of KC all over the nail. Allow a few mins to dry.
Next dabbed some KC at halfway down the nail. Again allow a few mins to dry.
Now just dab again using the glitter polish at the tips.

I added the Inglot Matt top coat after a day as I liked the glistening nails. However I like the matt version better.

It looked so much pretty in real! like twinkling lights. 
You have to matt-en some glitter to see what I mean. It looks absolutely gorgeous!! 

Have you tried to matt-en glitter?


  1. LOVE!!!!!!!!!!
    Absolutely gorgeous.Magic!!

    PS:I will have to do it soon. My stoopid nubs.

    1. Looks good on nubs too! really!!
      jus keep the glitter lil less than halfway down

  2. beauty... yeah i know wht u saying.. i have matt-en a rainbow glitter few days back.. the effect is awesome in real... luv thissss..xxxxx

  3. I love matte glitter, it just looks totally different to how it should, it messes with my mind.

  4. Pure awesomeness! You really managed to capture the colour spectrum. Love this!

  5. yaaarr...
    where did u get the matte top coat ?

    1. Apoorva Inglot has matt top coat..else u can also order kleancolor matt top coat form BJ

  6. Gorgeous gradient glittery nails....they look AWESOME!!!

  7. It looks surprisingly great in matt. I love them both.

  8. u must try! looks even better in real

  9. I die everytime I see the Kleancolor holo glitter because I want them but the shipping costs are too expensive at Beautyjoint... Lucky you!! It looks fantastic. I just discovered your blog and I love it!

  10. OMGGGGG!! I love it mattified"!!!!!


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